Knot Ring

Knot Ring

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Discover the Knot Ring, a mesmerizing and enchanting motif that artfully expresses strength, unity, love and connection.  this timeless design features a stunning goldstone finish with exquisite diamond crystals meticulously embedded into the knot moruf, enhancing its meaningful essence.

With a golden glow and intricate crystal accents, the Knot Ring embodies a classic design that carries a special message.  Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, graduation or a gesture to celebrate a cherished friendship, the Knot Ring is the perfect gift for any special occasion.  Its meaningful message and stunning design makes it a thoughtful and memorable present.

Part of our "Golden Glamour" collection, the Knot Ring is a stunning piece of jewelry, it's a symbol that can be worn every day, seamlessly transitioning from day to night, its design sticks a perfect balance - impressive without being over powering, substantially scaled, yet elegantly refined.  It is a stunning statement that exudes elegance and glamour.


  • From the Golden Glamour Collection
  • crystal
  • goldtone finish
  • made in Italy
  • adjusts from size 5½ to 7½
  • ½”L x ¾”W
  • item R-30029

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