The Merrichase Story

"It's not where you go but how you catch the light." - Jennifer Powers

Effortless impact is at the core of our collection. We know how a drop-dead pair of earrings can open up your face, how a bit of shimmer on your wrist can elevate your entire look, and how a statement necklace can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. 

Ultimately Merrichase is about more than beautiful things…it’s about how those beautiful things make you feel. We’ve experienced what can happen when a woman walks into a room wearing one of our mesmerizing pieces, turning heads and igniting conversation. We invite you to meet every adventure with sparkling style, catching the light each step of the way.

Jennifer Powers launched Merrichase in 2015 with a modern vision of jewelry, designed for a lifestyle full of statement, style and sparkle.

Jennifer absorbed the influence of design, fashion and luxury at an early age. Living abroad and in the U.S., she gravitated to the exchange of ideas and serendipitous encounters of a life well-travelled.  Along the way, she cultivated an affinity for timeless style, effortless glamour, and sparkling adventure.

A degree in Art History led to a career in the buying office at Bergdorf Goodman, which opened doors to a network of exceptional designers in Europe and South America. The next phase of Jennifer’s career in interior design shaped a modern understanding of lifestyle and the artful expression of personal taste. As the roots of Merrichase took hold, Jennifer learned that the most striking statements involve color, quality and effortless impact.

Merrichase is the final step in a cultivated quest – a spirited chase, a happy hunt. Embrace glamour, and polished wardrobe edits through a classic and contemporary collection of brilliantly bejeweled pieces. We travel the globe to source irresistible fashion jewelry and accessories that blend fine craftmanship, sophistication and affordability, and return home with pieces you won’t see everywhere else….or anywhere else. I hope you’ll join me on this Merrichase!

We invite you to come along on the Merrichase journey, where you’ll find artistry in every design, light around every corner, and splendor with every click.