Mayfair Turquoise Bracelet

Mayfair Turquoise Bracelet

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Elevate your style with the Mayfair Bracelet in Turquoise, an elegant and understated accessory, that blends style, sophistication and color to perfection.  Featuring a continuous band of oval turquoise crystals, set into a gold tone bracelet and versatile hinge closure, this bracelet exudes charm and cheer, day or night.

The Mayfair Bracelet is a true embodiment of versatility and timeless style.  Wear it singularly for a for a refined look or pair it with other bracelets in our collection to curate your own signature style - whether you prefer a traditional, modern simple or sensational look.  Turquoise is often considered a "neutral" on the color spectrum, it is has a chameleon like ability to pair with all colors, light or dark, warm or cool and harmoniously compliments tropical hues.  

Part of our "Coastal Color" collection, The Mayfair Bracelet in Turquoise is ideal for warm weather escapes, for walks into town beach cafe lunches or evenings spent under bougainvillea and and sipping cocktails overlooking the sea.  Every time you wear the Mayfair bracelet you will uplifted by a sense of joy.

  • from the Coastal Color collection
  • iridescent crystals
  • 22K Gold Plated Bronze
  • hinge closure
  • made in Mexico
  • 2 1/4" Diameter
  • item B-40017

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