The Merrichase Story



The name Merrichase comes from a family mantra, that life is a merrichase, an exciting path to discovery and enchantment.  It also happens to mean “happy hunting”.... which is perfect as Merrichase is on a quest to source the best in jewelry and accessories for its customers. 

We search the world to find a selection of pieces which are innovative, sophisticated, affordable, cutting edge, and yet traditional.  They flatter every age group, you don’t even have to try them on to know they are perfect.... they speak for themselves and always fit!

Shop via our categories or discover the Merrichase collections which are carefully curated edits aimed to provide you with a 'look' for the every day or for a special event.

We hope the website provides you with an elevating and enchanting experience..... and don't forget to make every day a Merrichase!