The Merrichase Story

Merrichase is a world of endless sparkle…of showstopping style…of serendipity and surprise. We travel the globe to source irresistible fashion jewelry and accessories that blend fine design, sophistication and affordability. We return home with pieces you won’t see everywhere else…or even anywhere else.
At Merrichase, we know how a drop-dead pair of earrings can light up your face…how a bit of shimmer on your wrist can elevate your entire look…how a luxurious fur handbag can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. We’ve experienced what can happen when a woman walks into a room wearing one of our mesmerizing statement necklaces, turning heads and igniting conversation. Merrichase is about more than beautiful things…it’s about how those beautiful things make you feel.
Our collection is international in scope, inspired by our travels to Paris…Milan…Rio and many other places, large and small. Wherever we go, we seek out styles that will, quite simply, take your breath away. Over the years, we’ve developed a network of exceptional designers and artisans who often create pieces just for us. Most of our pieces and their components are made in Europe, always reflecting our high standards of quality and craftsmanship. 
The story behind the Merrichase name is as enchanting as our collection itself. It grew out of a phrase used by our founder’s family to describe their excursions to fun and unusual places, each outing called a “merry chase” or happy hunt. These words came to represent a spirit of adventure, a joyful curiosity and a desire to always take the road less traveled. They perfectly describe how we curate our collection, exploring the world in search of the uncommon and the unexpected.
We invite you to come along on the Merrichase journey, where you’ll find artistry in every design, surprises around every corner and splendor with every click.