About our founder, Jennifer Powers

Sparkle is my north star. I’ve always loved wearing statement-making jewelry—the bolder and brighter the better. Spectacular accessories have been my way of standing out among a sea of little black dresses. But for years I was challenged in finding pieces that were dazzling enough and dramatic enough yet elegant enough for my taste. So I made it my mission to seek out extraordinary fashion jewelry, bags, scarves and other accessories that I wouldn’t see on everyone else.
This quest led me to Merrichase.
Even as a young child, I was drawn to beautiful things. My family tells me thatat an early age it was clear I had strong opinions on fashion and design, picking up every detail… seeing every shape and color…”styling” my relatives and friends…commenting on everything visual. And I still do.
I have been incredibly fortunate to have lived in some wonderful places—born in London, followed by New York, San Francisco, Connecticut, plus a college year in Paris and summers in Southampton—and I soaked up the unique look and feel of each place. My parents always found the fun in our adjustments to our new homes and we all became amateur explorers. On weekends, my father would announce we were going on our next “merry chase,” scouting out new places, wandering down side streets and into out-of-the-way neighborhoods in pursuit of intriguing shops, tucked-away parks and unusual local spots in each city, captivated by the surprises we would find. I adored these happy hunts and, along with all my childhood travels, they instilled in me a lifelong wanderlust and delight in serendipity and discovery.
This early curiosity stayed with me and led me to study art history in college (any wonder that I was riveted by the opulence of the Renaissance?). A career in interior design seemed like a natural fit, bringing together my visual strengths and love of history and art. But as my career flourished, I noticed that my personal aesthetic was moving in a new direction, morphing into my current role as a curator of exuberant fashion jewelry and accessories that my sophisticated clients —and I myself—would feel fabulous wearing.
It took all of a New York minute for me to realize what the name of my new venture would be, reflecting the adventurous way I approach each new chapter in my life. Through Merrichase, I can continue those childhood treasure hunts, now traveling the world in search of designs that are beautiful and bold, fun and surprising...and always, always sparkling. 
I hope you’ll join me on this Merrichase!